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Munich Airport is one of Europe's largest aviation hubs: in 2017, 102 airlines carried 44.6 million passengers to 266 different destinations in 74 countries. Almost three million passengers were passed through in January 2018 alone.

In 2017, 30.6 million passengers used Terminal 2 for their travels, where BRANTS barber & shop is also located. The Barber Shop offers services and products especially for men - whether classic wet shaving, haircuts or manicures. There is also a shop with around 70 products.

Armin Brandt, owner of BRANTS barber & shop, is planning a novelty to show those products in the best possible light. Together with the experts from IA Information Systems AG , he helped to develop SCIT - the “Smart Customer Information Terminal”. But it might be more accurate to call it the "clever customer information terminal".

“We have about 60 to 70 products in the shop and my employees always have to interrupt their work when a customer is interested in a product," says Brandt. "Service is important, but the interruption is a distraction. This gave rise to the idea of developing a shelf from which the customer takes a product, detects sensors and then displays it on a screen with all the information."

The multilingual sales assistant:

The result is SCIT, a further development of the idea that was born about three years ago. The customer selects a product from the shelf, places it under a camera and immediately receives the product page with all the information: "The customer learns what it can do, what it costs and what it is used for," says Brandt. The system also shows related products and can give further recommendations.

For Brandt, SCIT is not only the perfect sales tool, but also provides multilingual support. "I would like to update the products in English, French or other languages." Especially in "international" locations such as an airport, this would be of enormous help. What's the point if I'm interested in a product, but the salesman may not be able to help me because he doesn't speak French properly? SCIT can handle all languages." Around 10,000 people visit the BRANTS barber & shop customer area every day.

Men have always been very tech-savvy, so it's a lot of fun to play around with SCIT," says Brandt, who is already thinking about the future. We want to go even further and combine it with fingertip and mobile phone payment. In this way, customers can buy their desired product directly. The Amazon-Go-Store, recently opened in Seattle, where customers can pay without cash tills and queues, is a kind of model. The products are recognized by cameras and after leaving the shop the amount is debited from the user's account

But, as I said, this is still a dream of the future," says Brandt. "First of all, SCIT is supposed to help us sell while relieving my employees from distractions." In 2017, the airport was able to handle 5.5 percent more passengers. "We've seen a huge increase in passenger numbers, but we're finding it hard to find employees." By autumn at the latest, after renovation work in the shop, SCIT will be used to support BRANTS barber & shop. The range of applications is so varied, it is possible in all industries - even at trade fairs," says Brandt. "I think SCIT will be very popular, not just with us at the airport."

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